August 10, 2022

Solutions For Business & Individuals

A letter from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) advising that you have been selected for a tax investigation (now referred to as an 'Enquiry') can be a very worrying time.

There are many horror stories of businesses or individuals being hounded by over zealous tax Inspectors during an investigation with the Inspector suggesting that there are large discrepancies in Tax Returns. In fact there are cases where individuals who have not engaged the services of a tax investigation specialist, have been prepared to agree a settlement with HMRC that exceeds the amount that would have realistically been expected - simply in order to bring an end to a tax investigation that has dragged on and caused so much stress and worry.

So what would you do if you received such a letter from HMRC ? Presumably, you would approach your own accountant (if you have one) for advice.
Unfortunately, the fact that your accountant does not handle tax investigation work on a daily basis means that he or she can simply lack the experience or expertise to be able to achieve the best possible solution for you. So it is advisable to ensure that you have specialist help when faced with a tax investigation - In the same way that if you were ill, your local GP would be very good at dealing with routine everyday ailments, but would refer you to a specialist if you had a problem that he or she was unsure about or didn’t come across on a regular basis.

We work closely with many accountants throughout the UK to help them achieve the best results for their clients. In fact, our experience and expertise in tax investigation work has meant that we have been retained by a national franchised network of accountants to assist all of their franchisee accountants – around 160 individual accountants around the UK.

We are happy to take instructions direct from you or via your existing accountant. If you do not have an accountant acting on your behalf we strongly recommend that you do not try and deal with a tax investigation on your own.

The key thing with any tax investigation is that you should ensure you have specialist help in order to achieve the best possible solution. If you have never been the subject of an investigation, have a look at our page on the Tax Enquiry Process. You will see from this how daunting the whole process can be and how you really need specialist help.

As soon as you are faced with a tax investigation we suggest you contact us straight away for an initial discussion.

How To Avoid Tax Investigations

We regularly hold training courses for Business Owners or Individuals on the causes of tax investigations and the steps that you should be taking to avoid being selected for an investigation.

Our course, How To Avoid Tax Investigations is held throughout the year at our training venue situated right next to Birmingham International Train Station and we are minutes from Birmingham International Airport and Junction 6 of the M42 Motorway. So we are easily accessible wherever you are located.

See our Training page for more details.