August 10, 2022

About Tax Enquiry Solutions

Principal Consultant - Tony Willetts

Our Principal Consultant is Tony Willetts. He worked for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for 17 years and has experience of dealing with both Self Assessment Enquiries and PAYE/NIC Enquiries. The PAYE/NIC Enquiry work was carried out at HMRC's Large Employer Compliance Office in Birmingham. This work involved dealing with the largest employers in the country. He has also worked as a consultant with top accountancy firm KPMG.

Tony then ran his own business offering accountancy and taxation services to small businesses whilst continuing to provide specialist Tax Enquiry help to other accountants.

His experience of dealing with all businesses from small, local businesses to the largest UK companies means that he is ideally placed to deal with all types of Enquiry work - however large or small.


Nick Lansley
Nick has 25 years experience in Enquiry work with HMRC.

He began his career in Birmingham before moving on to offices in Dudley and Worcester, reaching the level of Deputy District Inspector. He therefore has a wealth of experience in Enquiry work.

Whilst with HMRC, Nick was responsible for investigating the largest and most complex sole trades, partnerships, limited companies and their directors.He also has experience of offshore, residence and domicile issues, and of successfully presenting cases before the General Commissioners/Tribunals.

Nick benefitted from HMRC's full technical training and so is in a position to advise on the more complex tax issues.
His experience and technical knowledge is highly valued by accountants and he now acts as consultant on Enquiry cases and technical issues to practices across the UK.

Our Services

Much of our work involves providing Solutions For Accountants when their clients are involved in a Tax Enquiry. We provide specialist help to the small practitioner who often does not have the time or specialist skills required to deal with a Tax Enquiry.

We also undertake work direct from Business Owners/Managers or Individuals. You may well have an accountant who deals with your general day-to-day accounting and taxation requirements. However, most accountants acknowledge the need for specialist help when it comes to Tax Enquiry work. We are happy to work alongside your existing accountant (if you have one) in order to provide this specialist help. So if you are a Business Owner/Manager or an Individual and you have a Tax Enquiry problem, see our Solutions for Business and Individuals page.

If you do not have an existing accountant to represent you, we would strongly advise against trying to deal with your Tax Enquiry on your own. HMRC are likely to go to town on someone who is not represented and you could find yourself agreeing to a settlement that is considerably higher than it should be. Conversely, if we represent you, HMRC are much more likely to be realistic - faced with the fact that they are dealing with experts in this field.



We have offices in London and Birmingham but we have other Consultants located around the UK so we can easily access clients throughout the UK.

See our Contact page for more details on our location.